Cheese isn’t solely tasty, it conjointly provides several nutrients required, for instance, for the expansion or maintenance of teeth and bones. These supplemental values of cheese shouldn’t be forgotten.

High Calcium content


One of the advantages of cheese, of course, is its atomic number 20 content. 30 g of Emmenthaler offer 250 mg of Calcium, a common fraction of the suggested daily dose for Associate in nursing adult. Calcium contributes to bone stability, supports the expansion of kids and adolescents, and dental health.

High protein content


Another advantage of cheese is its protein content. Proteins are said to be the “bodybuilders”. They play a crucial role in the formation of cells. Some cheeses have a protein content of up to 36 percent. Of the protein-producing amino acids, eight are a unit provided solely by bound foods, as well as a farm product.

Phosphorus provider


Cheese provides phosphorus. Together with calcium, it promotes the mineralization of bones and teeth similarly as bound cellular functions. Phosphorus conjointly contributes to the assembly and storage of the energy the body wants.

Vitamins and minerals


The cheese brings several vitamins, particularly lactoflavin, that transforms food into energy, cobalamin against stress and fatigue. It conjointly contains several minerals, like the calcium mentioned higher than.

Not perpetually wealthy in calories


It contains prime quality natural fats. It doesn’t essentially build him a calorie bomb. A 30g serving of goat’s milk cheese contains solely fifty calories and 3.4g of fat.

Regional production


Many kinds of cheese area unit created in France. Forty-five of those French varieties have a protected designation of origin that guarantees genuineness and quality.

Healthy for bones and muscles


It is appropriate for all ages and everyone life things. The consumption of cheese is vital throughout the expansion phases, however conjointly for athletes, seniors, etc.

The cheese is nice and tastes good!


At breakfast, on a slice of bread, during a hot dish … there’s no limit to your power. With its four hundred variants, it offers pleasure for all tastes. It contributes to a healthy and diet and promotes a sense of style, particularly in kids.


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