In everyday life, every bite counts. The importance of each of the foods is essential to gain a healthy lifestyle. The habit is taken by knowing and putting into practice all that we learn. Therefore, in my experience not only with patients but also with my daily life. I recommend that you learn to know what you eat and what you like to do well.
From that will depend on the attainment of a goal. Not just talk about nutrition related to overweight, but also about the quality of health we want to have based on diet.
Finally, our body will speak for itself, it is a reflection of what we eat.


Carbohydrates are the most abundant nutrients in oats. Due to the particular structure of their carbohydrates, they are slowly assimilated and thus provide energy for several hours after being ingested.

Starch and its degradation products:

 Dextrin, maltose, and glucose. These substances are very assimilable by the body that quickly converts them into energy.


 It has the particularity of not needing insulin to enter the cells and be used by them. This is why it is a high recommendation for diabetics.

Its mucilage, a special type of carbohydrate that retains water, is a special type of soluble fiber that lubricates and softens the inside of the digestive tract.
It’s vegetable fiber, present in the layer that covers the grain and persists in the whole flakes so that it can be consumed in the form of oat bran. It has a mild laxative effect, but most importantly, it reduces cholesterol levels because it pulls bile acids from the intestine, the raw material for making cholesterol in the body.
Oat protein is abundant (16.9%) and highly digestible. They contain all the essential amino acids, but not in the optimal proportions; it is, therefore, necessary to bind them to legumes to obtain a protein of high biological value. Therefore, it is a recommendation to combine with milk protein for breakfast.
The boiled oatmeal with milk, to which you can add honey and pieces of apple or banana, make an excellent breakfast for children, sportsmen, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding “.

Here are other ways to eat it.

1. Flakes:

 This is the best way to eat oats, taking advantage of its nutritional properties. They are prepared in boiled milk or vegetable broth.

2. Porridge

 ” Here is how you prepare porridge.  Take four tablespoons of oats and soak it. The next morning, boil half a liter of water, then add the flakes and simmer for 15 minutes. serve it with honey and milk can also be added.

3. Flour or cream: 

Use in soups, porridge, creams, pastries, arepas and anything imaginable?

4. Muesli:

 Oatmeal is one of the main ingredients of muesli for breakfast, along with other cereals, almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, etc. you can prepare Bircher-muesli with these ingredients, as well as fresh fruit, milk, and some honey.

5. Oat water: 

Obtained after decoction of two tablespoons of oat grains in one liter of water. Boil for 5 minutes, then filter. If you want sweet taste then add honey or sweeteners depending on preference.

You can consume Oat water as a drink throughout the day.

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