We do not slim down in the same way at 30 and 40 years of age. “From 40 years, it is possible to lose up to 2 kilos per month without drastic regime “. Because necessarily, at 40, weight loss is not as fast as 30 years. The two-factor fault according to the specialist: ” From the forties, there is often a loss of appetite for meat products: women consume more vegetables and starchy foods but skip proteins”. This unbalanced eating behavior will accelerate muscle wasting, which will be further amplified by the onset of menopause. However, “even at rest, muscles burn calories. The less protein you consume, the less muscle mass you have and the faster you gain weight” Logic!

How to react? First, think about distributing your protein intake throughout the day. For example 2 eggs for breakfast + 1 small portion of cheese, 1 salad for lunch with tuna, shrimp and/or smoked salmon, 1 slice of ham for dinner or 1 serving of fish …

Do not forget that red meat is not the only source of protein: these are also present in eggs, fish, white meat, seafood … Think also of vegetable proteins, unknown: tofu, seaweed, quinoa, almonds, lentils, pistachios, whole rice …

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Healthy Lifestyle simple tips to adopt 

After 40 years, we rely on proteins to stay slim

To maintain muscle mass – and thus still burn calories, even at rest – we have a tendency to conjointly advise regular physical activity: “Ideally, throughout the week, create five hundredth of cardio (running, elliptical, aqua bike …) and 50% muscle strengthening (sheathing, bodybuilding, yoga …) “.


What are the slimming mistakes not to commit after 40 years?

“Do not give in to the sirens of the low-calorie diets that inevitably induce, at one time or another, cravings and therefore recovery of weight. Also, avoid strict high protein diets that can cause health problems and also cause a yo-yo effect. “


One last tip?

“On the side of dietary supplements, I recommend Rhodiola, a plant that mimics the action of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of well-being: it is a natural trick that allows including better control of sugary compulsions, frequent after 40 years.


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