Suction therapy dates back to ancient Chinese medicinal practices, but is becoming increasingly popular today. practices, but is becoming increasingly popular today. practices, It is a form of acupuncture uses cups That INSTEAD of needles, qui are made of different materials, Such As bamboo, silicone, plastic and glass. and glass.

During a session of the body, the most often back and shoulders, by a suction pad therapist. For beginners, one or two cups are used. The cups are sucked on the skin and left in place for three to five minutes. Then the Suction Therapist will remove them or place them somewhere else.

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The force of suction will break some small blood vessels, forming marks. It is believed that this process is beneficial to health. Mugs are said to increase blood flow, reduce pain and stimulate an immune response. In Chinese hospitals, cupping is a standard treatment for various health problems. In traditional Chinese medicine, it was thought to improve energy and blood circulation throughout the body. Here are some of the health benefits of cupping therapy:

It relieves bread:

 Olympians like Michael Phelps. Some studies have also reported that it can relieve knee, neck and shoulder bread. Researchers believe that they can improve their ability to work with heavy work, stress, or chronic injury, which can help relieve swelling, aches and breads. and breads. conventional therapy is better than that. and .Tea conventional breads

Stimulation of immune response : 

there is strong believe that cupping can be responsible for stimulation of immune response which promote better recovery in high-level athletes.

 Some researchers also believe that the local inflammation causes the cytokines by the immune system, which stimulates the immune response. In addition, it is said that the activation of the immune system stimulates the mechanosensitive fibers, which has the effect of minimizing the bread.

It Helps Treat Some Health Problems: 

A study of 135 studies on Suction Therapy, which can be effective in treating certain conditions of health, such as acne, cervical spondylosis, facial paralysis, and shingles. A study published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine in 2015 also found similar results.
It can also be used to treat respiratory problems by relieving asthma.

It’s good for the skin: 

It has a detoxifying effect on the skin that improves the skin’s color, which can be seen after three to five sessions.

It is also good for the digestive system. 

It can improve metabolism, promote healthy appetite and relieve constipation, as well as facilitate digestion.
According to evaluation studies, it is well tolerated by people and does not cause serious side effects. However, people who are pregnant, have a serious health problem or any other concern should first consult a health care professional before attempting the suction cup.


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